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SoulShine Prices

We have a very SMOOTH and upfront process so you easily get the bespoke service you need.

We are all about attention to detail and creating a flow within your space that is just how you want it.

This process saves a lot of time and money.


  • This is the beginning for all new clients.

  • We meet with you and go through all your needs and the needs of your household/business/space.

  • Spending time finding out all about your needs and your household/business/space in depth.

  • In this meeting we create a cleaning protocol specific to your needs. Our housekeepers then follow this to the letter. 

  • In this meeting we also cover if you’d like help with organising your space and if our complimentary wellbeing, laundry, gardening and administration services could support you in anyway.

  • If you are an tourist/accomodation business we advise and explore areas of your business that could potentially grow and develop other income streams.

  • £65 per hour

2: SoulShine RESET

  • This is the second stage for all new clients.

  • Following on from your consultation with us you will receive your bespoke cleaning protocol.

  • A reset gets everything sparkling clean, organised and polished ready to go.

  • We set up your space with all the cleaning products you need and let you know when you need to restock.

  • You can pre-book this throughout the year to maintain your property.

  • £30 per hour introductory rate for the first 3 months. (£34 there after)

  • Eco option £35 per hour


3: SoulShine REFRESH

  • A REFRESH is your weekly/monthly top up that keeps your space just how you want it. It maybe your weekly clean. Or changing over from guests checking out to new guests checking in.

  • Housekeepers follow your bespoke cleaning protocol. Our housekeepers follow this every time they come.

  • We leave a note should you need to restock any cleaning items or we can restock for you (this is extra).

  • £20 per hour introductory rate for the first 3 months. (£24 there after)

  • Eco option £25 per hour

Additional services:



  • You have your own laundry angel who picks up all your dirty laundry and drops it off clean and fresh to your door at the time you want.

  • All your laundry is ironed, fresh and smells beautiful!

  • Your laundry is picked up and dropped off at the agreed times suited specifically to your business.

  • Single bed sets £18

  • Double bed sets £24

  • King Size bed sets £28

  • Towels £6

  • Tea Towels £4




  • Increase your selling points and reasons to stay to your guests.

  • We go through your AirBnb listing and help you improve your listing to get you more guests.

  • We help you to set up a brilliant automated messaging service to your AirBnb guests.

  • We help you set up house rules and guidance for you and your guests.

  • £65 per hour



  • Increase your selling points and offering to your guests.

  • We have an incredible team of fully trained WELL BEING COMPANIONS who can come and give massages, yoga sessions and treatments in house to you or your guests.

  • We organise and help you set up the admin and practical aspects of all of this so it runs perfectly and beautifully. 

  • We have specific packages that we offer - please enquire during your consultation if you are interested.

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