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To SoulShine

Cleaning services. Housekeeping services in Gloucestershire

Meet Vittoria, Charmain, Linda & Cheryl


Giving you the best cleaning and housekeeping service in Gloucestershire.

We are a group of inspired women who are passionate about RADIANT LIVING and creating beautiful uplifting spaces.

We have come together to look after your space and your cleaning and housekeeping needs.

We know that creating uplifting space is all about the way you look after it and the attitude you have towards it.

It's all about the details, the care, the love and the attention.

This is EXACTLY what we provide.

We love to go the extra mile and so we have created partnerships with chocolatiers, natural florists,

with particular attention to NATURAL room sprays & ECO PRODUCTS.

To give your space that extra special touch should you wish it!



We are delighted to offer you the very best cleaning & housekeeping service in Gloucestershire.


Cleaning & housekeeping services that are completely tailored to your specific needs.


Stress free. All your housekeeping needs are always covered.


We create cleaning protocols bespoke to your housekeeping needs.

This creates a clear client picture so all our staff know EXACTLY what to do and how it needs to be done.


The highest standards of cleanliness, attention to detail and finish.


Friendly, energetic, dedicated & trustworthy housekeepers that uplift your space and your business.

We provide an ALL IN ONE service including:

CLEANING - To the highest standards with absolute attention to detail and finish.

LAUNDRY - picked up and delivered.


Vittoria reached out over a year ago to create a housekeeping team for her retreat which proved to be more challenging than she expected. This created a great opportunity to create a professional bespoke housekeeping service that delivers EXCELLENCE. We take the time to totally understand what a client needs. What you need.

When you book a start up consultation with us we are thorough and know how to tune into what you're looking for and how to deliver an amazing service - because that's what we needed and we know how much it makes a difference!

Here we are a year on having learned all the processes and skills to deliver the best housekeeping service in the area.

Here's more about Vittoria's wellbeing retreat:

Professional standards of excellence.

All our staff are thoroughly trained in house at Vittoria's retreat by our team to ensure consistent standards of excellence

Bespoke friendly professional service that learns exactly how you like things done.

We have created processes that ensure we learn exactly what you want and how you like things done

Giving you an excellent consistent service everytime.

STRESS FREE. You are ALWAYS covered.

We are dynamic! Our thorough processes and protocols ensure that you always have a housekeeper that turns up and

delivers excellent consistent service.


We have handpicked a very special team who are genuinely interested and care about what they do and how they do it.

We are passionate about delivering the best service

by listening to you and putting our heart and soul into the service we provide.

Keeping things simple, stress free and easy

We love to keep things simple as you'll see

in our packages outlined below.

You can easily see how we do things and what it costs.

We UPLIFT your space

All our staff our professional, friendly, energetic, dedicated & trustworthy housekeepers that uplift your environment.

SoulShine service ensures:

Cleaning services Housekeeping servcies GLoucestershire

packages & prices:

We have a very SMOOTH and upfront process so that you get exactly the service you need.

We are all about attention to detail and creating a flow within your space that is just how you want it.

This process saves a lot of time and money.


  • This is the beginning for all new clients.

  • We meet with you and go through all your needs and the needs of your household/business/space.

  • Spending time finding out all about your needs and your household/business/space in depth.

  • In this meeting we create a cleaning protocol specific to your needs. Our housekeepers then follow this to the letter. 

  • In this meeting we also cover if you’d like help with organising your space and if our complimentary wellbeing, laundry, gardening and administration services could support you in anyway.

  • If you are an tourist/accomodation business we advise and explore areas of your business that could potentially grow and develop other income streams.

  • £65. During this consultation your complete bespoke cleaning protocol will be created.


2: SoulShine RESET

  • This is the second stage for all new clients.

  • Following on from your consultation with us you will receive your bespoke cleaning protocol.

  • A reset gets everything sparkling clean, organised and polished ready to go.

  • We set up your space with all the cleaning products you need and let you know when you need to restock.

  • You can pre-book this throughout the year to maintain your property.

  • £30 - £34 per hour including all products.

  • Eco option £35 per hour


3: SoulShine REFRESH

  • A REFRESH is your weekly/monthly top up that keeps your space just how you want it. It maybe your weekly clean. Or changing over from guests checking out to new guests checking in.

  • Housekeepers follow your bespoke cleaning protocol. Our housekeepers follow this every time they come.

  • We leave a note should you need to restock any cleaning items or we can restock for you (this is extra).

  • £20 - £24 per hour including all products.

  • Eco option £25 per hour

Additional services:



  • You have your own laundry angel who picks up all your dirty laundry and drops it off clean and fresh to your door at the time you want.

  • All your laundry is ironed, fresh and smells beautiful!

  • Your laundry is picked up and dropped off at the agreed times suited specifically to your business.

  • Single bed sets £18

  • Double bed sets £24

  • King Size bed sets £28

  • Towels £6

  • Tea Towels £4



  • Increase your selling points and reasons to stay to your guests.

  • We go through your AirBnb listing and help you improve your listing to get you more guests.

  • We help you to set up a brilliant automated messaging service to your AirBnb guests.

  • We help you set up house rules and guidance for you and your guests.

  • £65 per hour



  • Increase your selling points and offering to your guests.

  • We have an incredible team of fully trained WELL BEING COMPANIONS who can come and give massages, yoga sessions and treatments in house to you or your guests. For more information about our wellbeing companionship service please connect here:

  • We organise and help you set up the admin and practical aspects of all of this so it runs perfectly and beautifully. 

  • We have specific packages that we offer - please enquire during your consultation if you are interested.

We are all about YOUR wellbeing

SoulShine delivers a caring, professional, personal and bespoke

housekeeping service that meets all of your needs.

We take the time to find out what you want and exactly how you want it. 

We create housekeeping & cleaning protocols that specify everything you want and exactly how you want it done. We will naturally suggests improvements and work closely with you.

We completely CARE. 

Our handpicked team delivers the highest standards of cleaning as well as looking after the bigger picture giving you complete peace of mind.

Our staff are consistent, reliable, conscientious and are always giving every attention to detail.

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